Town of Killingly

Project Description

On an annual basis, the Town of Killingly utilizes state and federal funding for roadway rehabilitation projects based upon evaluation of pavement conditions and road safety.  Killingly Engineering Associates was selected for two of these projects within the Town.

 Breakneck Hill Road was narrow and winding with inadequate pavement base, areas that required annual pavement repair, a lack of drainage facilities and a dangerous hairpin curve.  KEA provided an A-2 survey of nearly 2 miles of roadway, design of vertical and horizontal realignments, drainage, road widening, design of multiple cross culverts, cost estimates, contract documents and specifications, and construction stakeout.  Upon the completion of the design, KEA provided easement mapping and taking maps for the drainage facilities and roadway realignment.  The design provides a safer, more accessible roadway without compromising the “country feel” of the area.  The project was phased over a 2-year period and was completed in 2012.

 Rock Avenue is a local “shortcut” between CT State roadway Route 12 and Upper Maple Street.  These roads sandwich a densely populated area and Rock Avenue is a lesser developed road that allows residents to avoid major traffic intersections to access their homes.  The approach to the intersection of Rock Avenue with Maple Street is currently on a grade of nearly 10% with limited sightline and inadequate turning.  KEA redesigned this intersection to allow for a minimally sloped stop area, improved sightline and lesser overall grades for a safer and more accessible transition.  Construction is expected to commence in the spring of 2013.